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Energy Analysis

We specialize in energy system analysis, and achieving manufacturing and transactional process excellence using less energy.


CanTech Energy personnel has an established record of successful projects working with utilities, power generators and various commercial buildings and manufacturing firms.


On day-to-day basis, creative solutions to energy utilization issues are developed by the company’s staff, who have worked as consulting engineers, project/program managers, power equipment designers, development engineers and university engineering professors.


CanTech Energy specialties include comprehensive energy auditing, feasibility studies, technology assessments, transactional and manufacturing process evaluations, and improvements and optimizations using less energy.

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We also do combined heat and power (CHP) studies in electric generation and mechanical drive configurations, evaluation of compressed air and refrigeration systems, heat recovery, steam plants and distribution system analyses as well as data center efficiency analysis, building eQuest energy modeling and rotary and stationary equipment computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling.


CanTech Energy is based in San Diego, California. The firm serves a diverse client base that includes public and private entities; and investor-owned and municipal utilities.


CanTech Energy services focus on the following key opportunities to improve the environmental performance with respect to energy use in commercial and industrial facilities.


Process improvement or optimization refers to either a whole facility process change that requires less energy for a similar level of service or manufacturing output or an adjustment to some of the transactional and manufacturing sub-processes that increases energy efficiency.


Energy efficiency could be improved by retrofitting or replacing existing equipment used for onsite heat or power generation and distribution, transactional and manufacturing processes, or meeting facility requirements such as lighting and Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC).


A form of distributed generation also referred to as “cogeneration,” a CHP system increases processs energy efficiency through onsite production of thermal energy and electricity from a single fuel source.


Current fuel sources could be replaced with alternate fuels that have lower carbon and/or CAP emissions per unit of energy. This opportunity also includes self-generation of energy with renewable resources (biomass, solar, wind, and geothermal)


Existing business processes can be approved by bringing legacy Excel, Access, or paper-based processes and putting them on the web. The web fosters collaboration, workflow automation, and accessibility from any location or device.


Our own tool, Intensity Monitor, captures the energy and production of your manufacturing facility. This data can be analyzed and reported back to you, to provide information about how and where to save energy. And of course, you can always use Cantech consultants to help pinpoint savings.


Finding new ways to Save Energy

Cantech Energy was built around the principle of saving energy and money through process improvement and innovation.


Since 2010, our energy engineering and master black belt staff have successfully applied the energy system engineering approach and Lean-Six Sigma methodology to reduce the energy usage of complex manufacturing and transactional processes.

We have also demonstrated that the energy efficiency and productivity improvements are proven investments for manufacturers. They decrease their costs, improve product quality, reduce energy pricing risks, engage their employees, reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate responsible business practices.

CanTech Energy personnel have been involved in the energy efficiency assessments, eQuest and CFD modeling and energy savings thru process improvement projects for the following service, commercial and industrial sectors:


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San Diego Gas & Electric

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Lockheed Martin

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Southern California Gas Company

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Roll Global

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Willdan Energy

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Southern California Edison


2013 Cantech Energy expands into the packaging industry by creating Cantech Plastics, and applying their knowledge of energy efficiency through process improvement to thermoforming. Cantech Industries is created as the parent company.

2012 After spotting an inefficiency in the energy monitoring and alerting market, Cantech drafts a plan to bring a new product to market that analyzes and reports energy consumption using proprietary statistics and energy intensity. Much of 2012 is spent developing the tool.

2011 After a strong year of growth, Cantech Energy finds a significant need for software engineering in the energy industry, based on improving business processes, and using lean development to deliver higher value software at a lower cost.

2010 Dr. Majid Ahmadi founds Cantech Energy to test his theory that there is a strong market for saving energy and money through process improvement.


We are always open to new challenges and opportunities.

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